Christian & Small offers alternative fee arrangements to meet the changing needs and goals of our clients. Christian & Small has the infrastructure and technology to be able to offer a number of alternative fee arrangements that may better suit the different types of representation sought by our clients. Some examples of these alternative fee arrangements include:

  • Labor & Employment: A monthly flat fee to provide immediate risk management advice on employment and/or Human Resources for the day-to-day issues that may arise for businesses – with the fee amount being tied to the number of employees and the geographic scope of the company.
  • Commercial/Business Contracts: Flat fees for basic contracts and corporate formation documents, including employment and non compete agreements;
  • Administrative Proceedings: Flat fee for representing businesses in responding to charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Fair Housing Administration; and
  • Litigation/Arbitration: Phased flat fee arrangements for certain types of litigation where different fees are earned for different benchmarks over the course of litigation.

If you are a business or professional looking to explore alternative fee arrangements, we invite you to discuss these with the Christian & Small attorneys who serve as your primary contact for handling new matters. We always strive to be innovators in every aspect of our practice and are committed to developing diverse, value-based billing alternatives for our clients.